Simplified Living Solutions

Simplified Living Solutions is a professional organizing company that I started in 2007, after I realized that helping people get organized was what I was created to do with my life! I had already been helping people get organized, professionally, since 2003 – in addition to my “real job.” But I wanted to make what I was doing a little bit more official so that I could reach, and help, more people. Little did I know when I started my “side” business, that I would one day walk away from my “real job,” and risk losing everything I had, to pursue helping people get organized as my new real full-time job.


Simplified Living Solutions helps busy, overwhelmed people take back control of their cluttered and disorganized homes, or offices, so that they can spend less time searching for stuff and more time doing the things they love. Working together, hands-on, we create order out of chaos. We transform our client’s home or office into an organized, peaceful and functional space that is tailor made for each individual and their busy lifestyle!

Simplified Living Solutions also offer personal assistant services that help to simplify life, and reduce stress. We tackle, and complete, those important (but sometimes mundane) day-to-day tasks that weigh you down and stress you out! We help with just about everything that it takes to keep your household, office and life in order – and running smoothly and effortlessly.