It’s About the Journey, not the Destination


This blog has sat relatively quiet since its creation because I’ve been unsure about the direction I should take with it since I haven’t written the Modern Day Noah book yet. (The book will outline my journey leading up to me taking the huge step of faith and how I finally knew I was supposed to.) I have struggled about whether the book or the blog should come first.

Although I’ve felt like I should be blogging about my everyday life, I’ve struggled with a lot of self-doubt and negative self-talk about doing that. Why should I write about my life? Who would care about my life? You haven’t hit it rich yet. You don’t have a grand enough ending to the “Modern Day Noah” story yet to start blogging about your everyday life, etc.

There are a couple of things I do know though, and I feel pretty certain and strongly about. One thing is that for whatever reason, people tell me that I motivate and inspire them. I’ve heard it enough that I now finally take ownership of that. I know that God wants me to use that quality, and my life as a Modern Day Noah who stepped out in faith when it made no earthly sense, to motivate and inspire people – and to introduce them to Him. I also know that people need hope and encouragement in their everyday life, from everyday people (and I’m about as everyday as they come!) who use their lives for something much bigger than themselves and are real about the every day challenges and rewards of that.

I believe that we were each uniquely created to accomplish really big things but the majority of us spend our lives believing that those big things are intended for other people to do – we’re not good enough. It is because of this belief, and what I am beginning to believe is my life’s message, that I feel I am to blog about my every day, ordinary life with all of the twists and turns that come with my decision to step out in faith when it made no earthly sense. I know there are great things coming. I can’t see specifically what they are, but I know and believe that they are coming.

I now know and believe the point and purpose of this blog is to tell an everyday, real story detailing my journey rather than the glamorized, perfect ending destination so that people can see through my life and my journey that if I deserve it and can do it, so can they!

I hope you’ll walk along this journey with me. I hope that the words and stories that I share will motivate and inspire you.

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