I’m 52 and Having Labor Pains!?

For at least 4 years, there has been a book inside of me that has been waiting patiently to be written. The longer I wait to write it, the more I feel its desperation to get out of me growing stronger and stronger. I have heard many people say that writing a book feels a lot like it feels when you are pregnant, and waiting to give birth. I have to admit that I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s so true!

It’s hard to explain why writing a book is like being pregnant and finally giving birth. It is similar in the fact that you see a small glimpse of the book in the beginning when the seed is planted, just like when you see a little dot on the screen at your first ultrasound. You know it’s there but it’s hard to make out all of the little details. As you watch your belly grow, your baby (and your book) is developing and getting bigger. You start to feel a little more pressure as the size of the baby (and your book) begin to weigh more heavily on your body. As the baby continues to grow, you begin feeling it moving within you, pushing on your stomach to get out. As clarity about your book’s details begin to grow, you can feel them pushing within you to get out as well.

Labor Pains

Labor Pains

By the time your child and your book are ready to be born, they are fully formed and ready to enter the world. It just takes a little more work from you – a couple good, hard pushes, some deep breathing and focus. Voila, they come out screaming! In the same way that your baby is going to come out one way or another, so is your book. Having a book within you ready to be born is not optional, or something you can just tuck away. It’s got to get out of you one way or another. When it isn’t born by its intended due date, it continues to grow bigger and bigger, really pushing hard on you to get out.

While I have waited to give birth to my first “book child”, it seems that I have gotten pregnant with a couple other books I want need to write, including Modern Day Noah. Now, they’re all battling to be the first “book child” that is born. My book writing pregnancy and its increasing labor pains played a part in my decision to leave my “real” job so that I could finally have time to give birth to these books. Just as childbirth brings us children that fill us with joy, I know that my impending “book births” will bring books that will help, encourage and motivate others so that hopefully they will have more joy in their lives and feel less pain.

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