“God Taps”

Through this entire journey of me struggling daily over what I should do (and even since I made the big decision), there have been so many times when things have happened that made me feel like God walked over to me, gently tapped me on the shoulder, lovingly looked me in the eyes with a big smile as He pointed His finger at me, and said “you’re doing the right thing”. I call these wonderful moments “God Taps” and they are a very big part of my story – and I bet your story too!

"God Taps"

“God Taps”

The more I started accepting these moments as “God Taps” (messages or affirmations directly from God), the more I started seeing them as such. Some days the “God Taps” were about HUGE things, other days they were about small things and sometimes I would even have several in the same day. You can read about all of these awe inspiring moments by clicking on the category “God Taps” on this blog. I hope they inspire you!

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