From Hopelessness to Happiness

My motto in life has always been that you do what you have to do. But it still amazes me to think that I spent 27 years of my life in a job that I absolutely hated from day one! If I am being 100% honest though, I’d have to admit that without that job I would have probably never been able to provide for my children by myself as I had to. So I try to be thankful for it anyway.

However, since my job went against everything that I am innately, and everything I believe in, it ate away at my spirit every day without me even realizing that for many, many years. My strongest and deepest desire is to help people, to make their lives simple and easier. To reach out to the hurting, and remind them of their greatness and beauty, and the power within themselves to do amazing things with their lives!

Our Internal Power

Our Internal Power

That’s a pretty hard thing to do when your job is answering the phones for a major utility company and you know that your hands are tied on how much you can truly help the caller. No matter how much a customer begged, yelled or cried, the hard cold fact was that I could only do so much for them. Top that with poor management that only focused negative attention on their employees and helped to continue the toxic environment by gossiping with fellow employees to slander other employees, rather than to build on people’s strengths and equip them to work as a team.

Working as a professional organizer is the extreme opposite of that. I get to do work that changes people’s lives in a positive way. I get to play an active and supportive role in the lives of people that are hurting. I always say that we are our own worst enemies and I see this on an almost daily basis in the work I do now. I have the privilege of helping to pick people back up, get them back on track again and remind them of their own unique greatness and the amazing beauty and power within themselves.

Not only is the physical part of the work fun and rewarding, but the relationships and bonds that are created in our work are AMAZING! It’s not unusual at all to hear from clients about how much our work together has changed their lives in a positive way. But the following snippet from an email I received recently from a client that I have worked with since I opened my business doors 7+ years ago had me in tears! It has been a real blessing to be a part of her journey from hopelessness to happiness.

Before & After

Before & After

“None of this would have happened without YOU! I interviewed 5 other professional organizers before I met you. I wish I could explain just what came over me when I realized that you were the one person who would be able to get me whole again. I can still see the expression on your face when we met, your eyes, your perception, your assuredness. I guess I felt peace. Peace even within all of the chaos of my house. That was because you were looking at ME and seeing ME separated from all of the clutter. You knew the clutter wasn’t me, it was just stuff. You knew I wasn’t the clutter and the clutter wasn’t me. But until then, I thought I was. Until I met you, I felt like I was a hopeless failure. You have taught me to appreciate myself for the most mundane, ordinary parts of my personality. I’m very blessed to be in your Ark. You are a powerful Noah!”

2 thoughts on “From Hopelessness to Happiness

  1. Charlotte W

    I have been reading your newsletters for 4-5 years now. How nice to have such a rewarding job. Do you know any one near Lebanon who has your expertise and compassion? I could really use some help.

    1. Sue AndersonSue Anderson Post author

      Hi Charlotte! I can check to see if I can find someone either in your area or willing to travel to your area. Would you mind sending me an email ( with a bit of an overview of your needs? Or you can call me with those details too. I can be reached at 636-223-2299.


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