A Big Affirmation

Though I hadn’t shared this with many people, I have known for almost 2 years that I was going to start a blog and write a book called Modern Day Noah that would capture my journey of stepping out in faith and all of the wonderful blessings that would come with that. I wanted to share with people how I knew that walking away from a secure financial future was what I was supposed to do, along with what gave me the courage to do it. The basis for the blog and subsequent book was to encourage, motivate and inspire people to believe in themselves, their abilities and worthiness to live out their dreams.

Through this entire journey I have had so many times when things have happened that made me feel like God walked over to me, tapped me on the shoulder, looked me in the eyes with a big smile, as He pointed His finger at me, and said “you’re doing the right thing”. I call these wonderful moments “God Taps”. One such moment happened only a few months ago.

I only have 2 children, both girls. Unbelievably they were both pregnant and expecting their children within just a few weeks of each other. My older daughter, Amanda, had been struggling with what to name their son ever since they were told a couple of months earlier that they were having a boy. They had gone back and forth with many names and had stuck on a name here or there for a few days or weeks only to let that one go and choose another one for a couple of days or weeks.

Somewhere in mid-April, Amanda walked into my office with the biggest smile on her face and said they had finally agreed on a name for their son and they were sticking with it. I asked what the name was going to be and she said Noah! I about fell off my chair, tears filled my eyes as I asked her if it was because of me and my story. (Read more about my story here,) She looked confused and said what story? She had no idea about my Modern Day Noah story. I shared the story and concept with her as tears rolled down my face. He’d done it again, walked up behind me out of nowhere, tapped me on the shoulder and lovingly looked me in the eyes while pointing his finger at me and saying “you’re doing the right thing”. Just absolutely blew me away!

Noah Thomas entered this world on July 27, 2013 at 2:05 a.m. He weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 7 ozs and was 22 inches long. This is just one of the countless blessings that I have had since I stepped out in faith. And it’s just one of the many times that I was reassured once again with a “God Tap” that I had made the right decision. Another little blessing, Noah’s cousin, Harper Leigh should be arriving within the next couple of weeks.

Noah Thomas Arrives

Noah Thomas Arrives

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