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Why the Name Modern Day Noah?

Although a big part of what Modern Day Noah hopes to accomplish here is to capture all of the little ways that God does communicate with us to guide and direct us if we watch and listen for it. The story of Modern Day Noah is by far the most compelling and obvious way that He did that for me.

As I mentioned in Let’s Start at the Beginning, I was having so much fun helping others get organized, and I was feeling so fulfilled, that I decided to start my own professional organizing business even though I already had a full time job. Since I seem to thrive on helping people, my motivation behind starting the business was the thought that if I could help even one person a month, how cool would that be? Little did I know that God had much bigger plans for my business (and my life) than I could have ever imagined. My business phone began ringing right away and it has never stopped.

Within the first year of launching Simplified Living Solutions though, I had to start taking vacation days from my “real” job in order to keep up with the amount of work that was coming in to my organizing business. There seemed to be more work than I could handle almost from the beginning. This quickly became a huge challenge for me because I have a real weakness for helping people in need. I just can’t turn my back on anyone that needs help, even if it means jeopardizing my own health and needs to help them.  Continue reading

Let’s Start at the Beginning

I started my professional organizing business, Simplified Living Solutions in my early 40’s after I began attending church. Only I didn’t just attend, I got involved. Because I thrive on helping people, I immediately jumped in and started serving in the area to which I am naturally drawn – organizing. Before long I had become the main person in the church that created, organized, staffed and ran the church events – and I loved every second of it!

Little did I know that as I was doing what felt natural to me, people were watching. Eventually they began to approach me, asking me to help them organize and run their weddings and other events. Then they began asking for my help in organizing their basements and other areas of their homes – and not as a volunteer. They wanted to pay me for my work! For someone like me who absolutely loves to organize, the truth is that I enjoy organizing so much that I would probably pay people just for the chance to organize their stuff. The concept of doing what I loved to do AND being paid for it absolutely floored meContinue reading

Welcome to Modern Day Noah!

Well, I did it. After 4-5 agonizingly painful years of praying for direction from God, and challenging Him over and over to be sure that I understood His direction for my life, at the age of 51 and only 3 1/2 years away from a full pension that I had spent 25 1/2 years of my life building, I walked away from it all to pursue what I had come to understand was my life’s purpose and God’s direction. You can read more about that here.

With no husband or family to fall back on for financial support if things didn’t work out, it made no earthly sense to walk away from my $60,000 a year job that provided insurance coverage (medical, prescription, vision & dental), financial security and a $300,000 guaranteed pension at the age of 55. But by the time I made the decision and acted on it, I had absolutely no hesitation about whether or not I was doing the right thing. I had complete peace.

Why the name Modern Day Noah? There’s more to this story (click here to read the longer version of this compelling story), but in a nutshell it’s because Noah spent years building a gigantic ark, long before it had ever even rained on this earth, simply because he knew that was God’s desire and plan for his life. He obeyed even though it didn’t make any earthly sense. That’s exactly what I did. I’m sure Noah was judged and ridiculed for what he was doing but he believed and followed God’s direction anyway not knowing what the future would hold or why he was doing it. He just stepped out in faith and obeyed. That’s exactly what I’m doing. We all know how Noah’s story ended but mine is just beginning – at 51 years old! Only God knows where He will take me as I continue to follow His direction even when it makes no earthly sense.

This blog chronicles my journey and what led up to that gigantic leap of faith, the reasons that I finally knew it was the right decision and all of the great blessings that have followed because of that leap. Modern Day Noah hopes to motivate, encourage & inspire you to step out in faith and live out the life you were created to live, just as I did, even when it makes no earthly sense.