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These posts talk about all of the little ways that added together caused me to make my final decision to take the leap of faith.

Signs of New Life Sprouting Up Everywhere

I know money is important to survival. I honestly do. I wasn’t born into money. I definitely have had to work very hard all of my life. And I’ve gone through many, many struggles because there was a lack of money since I was a single parent with absolutely no help, even from my children’s father. So believe me, I understand first-hand how important money is.

When I began trying to wrap my brain around the fact that God was telling me to take this leap of faith and leave my financial security, obviously money was the big obstacle to His plan for me in my eyes. As I began to lean into considering leaving, I did a lot of planning. I even met with a financial advisor who immediately told me that I would be foolish to leave my financial security. It’s funny though that after hearing 5 minutes of my story and all of the ways that God had been showing me that was His direction, she honestly started to believe it herself.

New Life Springing Up

New Life Springing Up


It’s been 10 months now since I left my “real” job and there have only been 2 big financial scares. But even with those, I haven’t regretted my decision once. The number one reason I haven’t regretted it or gotten scared is because I tested God over and over before I finally took the leap and I feel confident this is His plan. So I do trust and rest in the fact that “He’s got this” (He’s in control). He’s not going to let me fail because my life and the results of this leap of faith will be a testament to Him.

The second reason is that I see signs of new life all around me and most importantly, within me. There are changes within me daily, if not hourly. OK, hourly might be a bit extreme. But there are so many WONDERFUL things that have happened that money just can’t buy! I feel that I am really living now, not just merely surviving. I’ve already mentioned the weight I lost but there are lots of other physical changes that have happened that represent the internal changes. I am in the final leg of making some bold changes in how I look, complete with new glasses and new hair. For me, that’s a BIG DEAL! Though I’m still no beauty queen, the new changes are lighter, freer and even a bit riskier for me.

For the last 4 years of my “real” job, if I wasn’t working with one of my organizing clients, I wore sweat pants and an over-sized T-shirt EVERY DAY – even to my “real” job. (Remember, I worked nights. That’s a whole different ball game in a business office.) I NEVER wore make up and I seldom tried to fix my hair. Since my big leap of faith, I’ve worn make up more often, changed my hair style several times and slowly started acquiring new clothes that fit. The biggest thing I’ve learned during this process is that it makes me feel better about myself. I didn’t realize that I’d been stuck in a vicious cycle for the last 4 years.

By wearing sweat pants, no make up and not spending much time on myself each day, when I looked in the mirror I didn’t like what I saw and I would feel discouraged. So there was no drive to change this because when you look like hell all of the time, you start feeling like it. This little change of taking time to take care of myself has caused my feelings of self worth to blossom! Are you spending time taking care of yourself?

Guard Your Spirit

I know all too well how powerful it is for people to declutter and rid themselves of those things that they no longer need, use or love. I am so fascinated by the psychology behind people and their stuff – why they have it, why they keep it, why it’s so hard to let go of it and the damaging ways it affects their lives – that I’m writing a book about it.

As I talk about in the book, clutter is not just physical stuff. Clutter is anything in your life that isn’t serving a purpose or moving you closer to your ultimate goals. It’s anything that you no longer need, use or love. And it’s anything that is clogging up your life or space and preventing you from being all you were meant to be.

Henry David Thoreau Quote

Henry David Thoreau Quote

As hard as this may be to believe, my “real” full time job was the biggest piece of clutter in my life. Though it paid very well and provided me with excellent benefits, what I did for my full time job went completely against who I am innately and what I stand for. I absolutely thrive on helping people. Working in customer service at a utility company as I did for my “real” job, I learned that you really can’t help people in that role. There are too many things out of your control. If they don’t pay their bill, you can’t stop the inevitable eventual disconnection of service. If their heat goes out and all of the company’s servicemen are prescheduled on other jobs, you can’t send anyone out to help them. And so it goes, on and on.

The majority of the people that would call took no responsibility for the situations they found themselves in. Rather, they truly believed everything was my fault and they weren’t afraid to tell me so. Because I am an extremely sensitive person, I took everything people said to me very personally. Even though I knew they were really venting and taking out their frustration with the company on me, being told how horrible you are over and over everyday is a very difficult thing for someone like me to shake off. It really weighed on me A LOT. I think I even eventually started believing the negative things they were saying about me after a while.

Whenever I see a problem, I immediately think what can I do to make it better? So working at a job talking to people all day that have problems and I can’t do anything to make it better for them was excruciatingly difficult.

You do what you have to do though, right? When I started working there 27 years ago, I was a poor single mother with 2 very young children to raise by myself. This job provided my children and I with the things we needed and so I never looked at this job as optional even though it felt like I was serving out a life prison sentence.  However, after I came to know God in such a close way later in life, it was hard for me to look past the damage it was doing to my spirit. I could feel it killing and eating away at my spirit. And I struggled with sitting idly by and allowing it to continue doing that.

Having been set free from this job (my clutter) for almost 10 months now, it’s amazing how much lighter I feel. How much happier I feel. How much more alive I feel. And how my spirit is healing and soaring like never before! I can see the beautiful sprouts of my new happy life coming out everywhere. And to date, I have never once regretted my decision to leave!