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These posts talk about the way that God speaks to you to confirm that you are headed in the right direction and following the plan He has for you.

It’s Taken Me How Long?!

It’s amazing to me how long something can be growing within you before you act on it, or even realize it’s growing within you. I came across this blog post today that I wrote for my Simplified Living Solutions’ website from September 2009 where I talk about the fact that I realized even then that God wanted me to move in the direction of being a public speaker or a motivational speaker. It’s so hard to believe that I wrote that post 5 years ago and am still not much closer to doing that! At the time I wrote that blog post, I realized that the first time He prompted me to get up in front of people to motivate them was in 2002 when I was prompted to stand in front of my entire church to try to motivate them to get together with one another more often. That was 12 years ago!!! It seems that I’m constantly taking tiny steps in the direction that I feel He’s leading me, but it’s amazing when I look at the fact that I’m still not much closer to being where He has wanted me to be for at least 5 years!

Anyway, here’s the blog post. I hope you enjoy it. And, I still believe that I will overcome this fear!

I have been working really hard this last year to overcome my fear of public speaking. Part of being a professional organizer, and a successful business owner, is giving presentations on organizing. I have had to turn down so many great opportunities to speak to groups because of this fear. Since I seem to be a goal driven person, I do not let the fear stop me (though it has definitely slowed me down). I just look at it as a step that I must take in order to get to the goal of being a successful business owner.

Now here’s where the comical part comes in. I feel that God is heading me in the direction of becoming a motivational speaker. Hysterical, right? It all started when I heard Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup book series, speak at a conference I was at in 2007. I realized that I knew, lived, and believed in, everything he was saying. Basically that I could have written and given that very presentation, and with as much passion as he said it with, if I didn’t have this public speaking fear holding me back. I believe that’s when the seed was planted and it’s been growing quietly inside me ever since.

I started this business because I realized that helping people with my gift of organization was what I was created for. I love, love, love helping people. During this journey, and really throughout my life, I have had so many people tell me how much I motivate and inspire them. They are touched by my courage, strength, resilience and my you can do anything you set your mind to doing attitude.

A big part of being a professional organizer is motivating clients to tackle their clutter and inefficient habits. I now realize that I have so much information within me that I can share, that I want to share, with people to help them ~ to motivate them. I have so much I want to say, and such a strong desire to overcome this obstacle, so that I can help others be all that they can be, all that they were created to be. And here’s the catch, here’s the key to success, I know that I will overcome this obstacle.

My New Soul Sister

At the end of January, I blogged about the book Following God One Yes at a Time by Connie Cavanaugh and how reading that book was the final confirmation I needed to make the big leap and quit my “real” job.

You’ll never believe the impact that one little blog post made. It’s amazing all of the crazy things that God will do in your life if you just show up for what you believe he’s called you to do. He continues to blow my mind so often.

After writing the post, I emailed Connie Cavanaugh just to let her know that I had blogged about her book and the impact it had on my life. Having run a business for the past 7 years, I’ve learned that it’s important to let other businesses know when you’re promoting them for many reasons – one of which is that by promoting them, they usually end up promoting you back.

I honestly didn’t even know if Connie would even see my email but I sent it any way. At the least, I hoped that she would see my email so she’d know that her words and her story had impacted my life. And at the very most, I had hoped that she would like my blog post enough that she might share it on her social media pages, which then of course would help to get the word out about Modern Day Noah.

Of course, God had much bigger plans than that! I received an almost immediate response to my email from Connie. After emailing back and forth a couple of times, we decided that we needed more time to talk. So we scheduled a few hours to talk a couple of days in a row. We talked almost 6 hours within 2 days! What we learned right away is that we’re soul sisters. You know those people that you just meet but you feel like you’ve known them your whole life? That’s who we are.

As if that isn’t crazy enough in itself, I’ve blogged about how I believe God wants me to write a book and be a motivational speaker (even though the thought of public speaking paralyzes me). Well guess what Connie Cavanaugh does? She’s an author and travels the world speaking! She does exactly what God has shown me in several visions that he wants for me. He never fails to put what you need to follow His plans for your life right in front of you if you’re open to it.

I’m following God strictly in faith, and somewhat blindly. I don’t know the first thing about writing and publishing a book. I don’t know the first thing about public speaking, motivational speaking or getting clear on exactly what your message is – but my new soul sister and mentor knows all of that. God has connected us so that she can help me down the path that He has for me. I am confident too that in some way He will use me to help her down the path He has for her as well.

The Day God Smacked Me in the Face

One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome when I first began to really understand that God was prompting me to leave my full time job was the obvious blaring truth that no one leaves their job after working somewhere 26 years. Especially someone like myself who only had 3 1/2 years to go until I could take early retirement with a full pension.

I wrestled back and forth with God about this for several years. The more obvious it became to me that He really was telling me to leave, the more I would ask Him how he expected me to survive financially if I left. He knew as well as I did that I’ve never had anyone that I could fall back on in my life and so this risk wasn’t one that I could just take and hope for the best.

What is amazing about this entire journey is that He never lost His patience with me as I tried to wrap my head around this concept. He always managed to communicate with me in a way that I could understand His direction. He did this a variety of ways, but mostly through what I call “God Taps” and through other people’s actions or words.

Sue 1987 & Kathy 1988

Sue 1987 & Kathy 1988

One of the most powerful ways He helped me get over the thought that no one quits their job after 26 years, was to use someone else to prove to me that people really do. Kathy started working where I worked about 3 months after I started. We became fast friends and hung out a lot. We were union members and Kathy became very involved in the union leadership. She always knew so much more about the company, the union, the rules, the proper expected behavior, etc. than I could ever hope to know. I always admired her and looked up to her for that reason.

Both of us were “lifers”, just doing our time like a prison sentence until we could retire. The company we worked for was so unbelievably toxic that you could never just go to work and do your job. There was always drama, hurtful and false rumors and management vs union wars. People stayed there because of the great benefits and wages – that was it. I don’t think anyone there actually enjoyed their jobs.

In August 2011, Kathy was preparing to go on vacation for 2 weeks. The day before her vacation started, she was going through the things in her desk – tossing old notes, giving away this or that trinket and getting her stuff organized (you know I’m all about that!). Nothing seemed funny about it at all. We all get the bug to declutter and organize from time to time so I saw it as nothing more than that.

However, the very next day someone told me that Kathy had given her 2 weeks notice and she wasn’t coming back. She hadn’t told a soul she was leaving until after she left. I remember thinking to myself “WHAT?!?! That can’t be possible. Not Kathy! She’s so much smarter than that!”. The minute I heard this I texted her begging her to tell me if what I had heard was true or not. She confirmed that it was all true. She wasn’t coming back. (Kathy now spends her days helping motivate people to lose weight. Check it out.)

This was the day that God smacked me in the face with someone else’s actions and said “Yes. People really do leave. Even after investing 26 years of their lives somewhere. And that is what I’m telling you to do”. From that day forward, the ball was in motion for me to figure out how to make the leap myself. This included meeting with a financial planner, refinancing my house to reduce my interest rate, discontinuing anything that wasn’t necessary (house phone, extra cable channels, etc) and challenging God a few more times to be sure before I actually took the leap in March 2013.


Why Do We Search When We Already Know the Solution?

It’s funny how many times we know the solution for our struggles, but rather than taking action with what we know works, we search for easier answers elsewhere. This is true with so many things. If you want to lose weight, we know that you should eat less and move more. Yet we search for quick fixes and other solutions that seem more appealing and easier like diet pills and potions. If you want to be more organized, you should keep less and assign a home for your things. Yet we buy organizing tubs or books hoping that quick and easy purchase is going to fix it all. I don’t know why we do this, but we all do it. Recently, I realized that I’ve been doing the same thing for several years now with another situation without even realizing it.

When I first started attending church, my focus was always upward on God – praising Him, thanking Him and getting to know Him better. As my focus continued to be on Him, it is amazing all of the wonderful people and things He brought into my life – including my organizing business and opening my eyes to what I was really created for. I was super active and super involved at church and the people there became very important to me. They were my family, my support, my everything (I was estranged from my own family at the time – thankfully that’s been rectified now).

Unfortunately, about 4 years after I started attending this church, the Pastor left. Slowly one by one, all of the people I loved and now considered family were leaving as well. I didn’t understand it. I was completely confused. Why would they leave? I felt hurt, sad, rejected and confused by it all. Top that with the fact that at the very same time the church was falling apart, my marriage was ending. That came with its own losses, changes and feelings. Though I struggled hard to keep my eyes focused upward, it became increasingly difficult because I was so heavily burdened with my own feelings.



Eventually I ended up leaving too because it was just too painful to keep losing more people each week. That was 7 years ago! For the past 7 years I have visited and joined so many churches that I’ve lost count. Some of the churches I would simply visit once, some of them I’d spend a year or two there. However, I never felt like I really found my new church home. Because of all of this loss, the past 7 years have been an unbelievably painful period for me.

It’s been hard to get up every single Sunday for the past 7 years and make myself walk into a church completely alone where I don’t know anyone. My experience most of this time has been that I walk in alone, go unnoticed and then walk out alone. I’ve been angry, hurt, confused and a million other things during all of this. Because I really never wanted my other church home to fall apart, I was looking for the same church out there somewhere else. Of course, I never found that.

What God has impressed upon me for the last month is that my focus has been on the wrong thing. When I first came to church, I came because of Him. I came because I loved Him, I loved that He loved me, I wanted to know Him better and I wanted to thank Him and worship Him for all that He’d done in my life. I didn’t go to church looking for a church family, looking for my life’s purpose or looking to start a business – those things all just came because my eyes were focused on Him, where they should be. While visiting churches I’ve tried to keep my eyes focused on Him. But I realize now that I was more caught up in myself and what the church and people there could do for me, rather than just praising Him.

Once God started opening my eyes to this, I shifted my focus completely 100% back onto Him. It’s unbelievable how He has shown me all of the ways I was making this transition more difficult on myself. He showed me all of the ways that I was not letting people in, all of the while blaming them for not doing their part to help me fit in. Honestly after going to my new church relatively unnoticed for 2 years, since my focus shifted back on to Him, there hasn’t been a week that someone hasn’t stopped me and asked me to sit with them.

My point is that as a believer, you’re given the solution to all of your problems the minute you give your life to Him. When you keep your focus on Him, everything else falls into place. Rather than continuing to read scriptures to know more about Him, I shifted the focus on to me and what He could do for me. I wanted a Bible passage that explained step by step exactly how to transition to a new church when you are full of hurt. Guess what? I never found that passage. But, when I stopped looking for how the Bible and church could serve me and shifted my thought pattern back to Him and all that He’s already done for me, everything fell into place. I knew the answer to my problem from the beginning was prayer and keeping my focus on Him, but I went off looking for a different answer with a quick fix instead!

“God Taps”

Through this entire journey of me struggling daily over what I should do (and even since I made the big decision), there have been so many times when things have happened that made me feel like God walked over to me, gently tapped me on the shoulder, lovingly looked me in the eyes with a big smile as He pointed His finger at me, and said “you’re doing the right thing”. I call these wonderful moments “God Taps” and they are a very big part of my story – and I bet your story too!

"God Taps"

“God Taps”

The more I started accepting these moments as “God Taps” (messages or affirmations directly from God), the more I started seeing them as such. Some days the “God Taps” were about HUGE things, other days they were about small things and sometimes I would even have several in the same day. You can read about all of these awe inspiring moments by clicking on the category “God Taps” on this blog. I hope they inspire you!